What's new?

Guitar FX BOX 3 now available for download!

Main new features:

  • Tube amp simulator,
  • Impulse response (convolution) based speaker cabinets,
  • Improved distortion/overdrive,
  • More wah types,
  • Arbitrary graphic equalizers,
  • Volume swell effect,
  • Redesigned reverb, much richer now,
  • 64-bit processing,
  • Improved EQ quality,
  • Minor bug fixes

System requirements:

  • 16-bit Sound card with drivers supporting WDM streaming (win 98/Me/2k/XP/Vista/7) or DirectSound (win9x/Me), or ASIO(all systems)
  • Minimum recommended CPU: Pentium IV 2GHz or equivalent with SSE suport
  • Operating system Windows 9x/Me/2k/XP/Vista/7

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Guitar FX BOX version 2.8

Main new features:

  • Speaker cabinet simulator,
  • Vintage analog phaser option,
  • MIDI control support for external devices like foot controllers,
  • VST live link plugin for integration with VST host applications,
  • Metronome,
  • Improved tuner setup, for bass guitar etc.
  • Zoom window option, for comfortable viewing on small DPI setting,
  • File manipulation improved, added seeking and more options...
  • Minor bug fixes,
  • More...


Guitar FX BOX version 2.7

Main new features:

  • Support for ASIO drivers,
  • 5 band Graphic Equalizers (in/out),
  • Talk box effect (new WahWah option),
  • Vista compatibility, WDM streaming now works in Vista,
  • New look,
  • Clipping indicators in/out,
  • Enhanced compatibility with more sound cards,
  • More...


Guitar FX BOX version 2.6

Main new features:

  • WDM streaming support for extremely low latency under win98/Me/2k/XP
  • Hardware support for sound cards with emu10k1 based chipsets (SB Live! series, APS,...) needed only with win9x/Me and VxD based audio drivers,
  • Adjustable sample rate, up to 48KHz,
  • Improved effects (stereo chorus, pitch shifter...),
  • Tuner can now be configured for different tuning types / instruments,
  • Minor bug fixes,
  • More...

Guitar FX BOX Version 2.5

Main new features:

  • New cool look! That is mainly why version changes from 2.1 to 2.5
  • New effect: PHASER,
  • Level meter - for real-time monitoring signal i/o levels,
  • Improved echo - now with low pas filter and stereo two tap options,
  • Wah - support for external pedal/joystick or similar device attached to the soundcard game port, MIDI support for controling wah using MIDI messages,
  • Noise canceler filter,
  • Added two more types of equilazers,
  • Play wave file as a background track,
  • Improved "engine" with lower i/o latency with some cards, and lower noise,
  • More...

Sound card test program

The goal of this experiment is to gether useful data about different sound cards. This will help in further developing of this software, and give you means to find out what you really got in your PC as manufacturers almost never mention such things in their tech specs sheets.
Since this data will be published on this site, it will also help everyone interested in real-time processing to get more clear picture of various sound cards before choosing to buy one.
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New in version 2.1 :

  • New effect: dynamic compressor, great for both distorted and clean guitar tone,
  • Improved reverb processor, now with first reflections option,
  • Presets export/import from/to disk file,
  • Shortcut keys for quick switching among effect presets,
  • Higher resolution and improved accuracy of the guitar tuner,
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Previous versions (New in version 2.0):

  • Screen layout changed, so now all effects are visible and easy to turn on/off with just one mouse click,
  • Added compression effect to distortion, also boost range level slider which makes it possible now to fine tweak distortion color,
  • New effect - EnvelopeWah added. Using this effect Wah-Wah sound changes in relation of tone volume,
  • And now something completely different - Guitar Tuner added ,
  • Added WaveIn device selection in Setup dialog,
  • Added Wave file input support,
  • 50Hz noise filter added to IO EQ dialog

Future plans :

  • Improving amp & speaker simulator, adding different amp models,
  • Plugin support for additional effects,
  • Full VST and DX plugin versions of the software for better integration with multitrack recording software,
  • More effects,
  • Improvements, improvements, improvements, ... in every way...